On ideas

Ideas are a tricky thing, or at least in my experience they can be.  They can come and go quite easily, and what may have seemed like a good idea the previous day comes across as ridiculous the following.  Not only that, but there is the part where you may like an idea and consider it the perfect thing for that moment, but to others it’s far from that act of brilliance you meant to share with the world.

I’ve always had this difficulty with separating those things out.  So often the ideas that I like are given a warm pass by those that I test the waters with.  To go with that, the directions that I sometimes think are nothing special are seen as others to be amazing.  I’m quite positive that this problem is far from unique to just me, of course.  Will others like what I’m doing?  I don’t know.

Problem is, if you don’t try then you absolutely will fail.

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